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Thruster T600

Flight School Microlight provides a comprehensive Training Syllabus that is designed to gain you your National Private Pilot's Licence with a Microlight Rating. Only £90/hr, and when you pre-book 10hrs Flight Training you receive FREE Ground Training in the subjects of Air Law & Human Performance & Limitations!

We are experienced instructors who offer a great service, so why not book a Flight Training Course today, and experience the joy of Microlight flying!

The Sky's the Limits!

Ikarus C42

Our fleet also consists of the most advanced microlight aircraft. Only £140/hr, and when you pre-book 10hrs Flight Training you receive FREE Ground Training in the subjects of Air Law & Human Performance & Limitations!

We maintain our aircraft to the highest standards to ensure your safety and comfort, so have the perfect aircraft to suit your needs.

Leave the World Behind and Just Fly!


Pegasus Quantum

Microlight Flex-wing flying is a truely 'Alfresco' experience, and I'm not talking about 'In-Flight Catering! A definite candidate for the 'Bucket List' experience, and once tried, you'll be hooked! It's safe to say there's nothing like it! 

Our team of experienced Instructors are passionate about flying, and are dedicated to providing you with the best possible training. They have extensive knowledge of microlight aircraft, and are equipped to teach you everything you need to know to become a skilled pilot. Only £125/hr, why not book your training course today.


Experience the Thrill of Microlight Flight


Principles of Flight

At Flight School Microlight we believe that flying is not just a hobby, it's a way of life. We are passionate about Microlight Flight Training, and we are dedicated to providing you with the best training or flight experience possible. Whether you're looking to fly for fun, pleasure, or pursue the full National Private Pilot's Licence, we have the time to help you. 


Flying a Microlight is one thing, explaining how you fly a Microlight is another, teaching it takes a whole new skill set, and that's our job!  

Contact Microlight Flight School today, and experience the thrill of Microlight Flight!



Doug Ward FI
Rob Mckellar

Rob Mckellar

Doug Ward

Doug is a former Royal Air Force Firefighter, and first Gulf War Veteran, who served two tours of Belize in Central America, a tour of Cyprus, and four years with the Red Arrows at RAF Scampton. It was a hard life, but someone had to sit and watch those aircraft, it was awesome!

It has been said that after the Red Arrows what is there in life? Well, life as a Microlight Instructor is a fantastic place in the world of aviation to work, preferably with less smoke!

My passion now is Classic Microlights, and reminiscing over the glory days of Two Stroke engines, where forced landings weren't practiced, they were inevitable! And if the smell of their exhaust fumes had been made into aftershave I may well have taken up the habit. 

The best advise I can give to a Microlight Student is, "Don't Think - Just Do."

Rob is a highly experienced Microlight Flying Instructor Examiner, who took up flying after leaving the Royal Air Force as an Engineer, he has instructed on both Flexwing and Fixed Wing Microlights for the past 24 years. He has flown expeditions, and trained students in the UK, France, Spain and Portugal, from flying over 'Crop Circles' in Wiltshire, to flying low over the desert in Libya, 'Mine Clearing', there isn't much Rob hasn't seen in the world of Microlights. With over 10,000hrs in his cabinet of logbooks, he has attained the Ratings of Flight Examiner, Ground Examiner, Inspector and Check Pilot, making Rob one of the most experienced Microlight Instructor/Examiner in the UK, and an asset to the sport.

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